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Sculpt Magazine Exclusive with Actress, Writer, Producer Jahmela Biggs

Sculpt magazine writes "Jahmela Biggs is the future, as part of a new wave of Black writers, directors and actors who have taken the television and film industry into their own hands. She and colleagues like Issa Rae, Andrea Lewis and Lena Waithe have decided that their voices are essential in sharing the Black experience. With her latest web series, ‘First’, Biggs reminds viewers what it feels like to fall in love. She and Will Catlett (‘That Guy’) star as Robin and Charles, old friends with a common love for poetry and a shared curiosity about what might have been. In the first two episodes, we see the couple moving through the beginning of their relationship: their first date, their first kiss, even their first sleepover! Their chemistry is palpable and real and impossible to stop watching"...

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